kanye west cancels 21 saint pablo tour dates, instagrams 99 archival margiela photos

What does it all mean?

by Hannah Ongley
Nov 21 2016, 11:29pm

It has been a difficult two weeks for many Americans, but the events of November 8 have evidently taken quite a toll on Kanye West. Last Thursday, the rapper/designer/2020 presidential hopeful angered fans by halting a Saint Pablo concert in San Jose to declare that — if he had voted at all — he would have voted for Donald Trump. Over the weekend, he ended a Sacramento show after performing just three songs and one prolonged rant about Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton, then canceled Sunday's Los Angeles make-up show just a few hours before it was scheduled to start. Today a representative for Kanye announced that he was canceling all remaining 21 dates on the Saint Pablo tour. 

This is strange behavior even by Kanye standards, and has not gone over well with fans who paid upwards of $250 for the coveted tickets. Kanye, meanwhile, has been using the time to revise the content strategy of the neglected Instagram account he launched back in September with a captionless screenshot from Total Recall. The account now appears to be functioning as an extremely blurry tribute to archival Margiela collections. So far Kanye has posted 99 photos of everything from men's vests to velvet tabi boots. 

Kanye has made no secret of his obsession with the French fashion house, name-dropping Margiela in "N*ggas in Paris" and heavily referencing it in his Yeezy collection. The brand even collaborated with Kanye on custom-made pieces for the rapper's Yeezus tour stage wardrobe. The meaning of this latest activity is even more unclear than the photos are. Is he collaborating with Margiela on a new collection? Is he just providing us with a little Sunday evening inspo? What does it have to do with Total Recall? Is it foreshadowing an official presidential campaign announcement? One thing is certain: with his friend Donald Trump meanwhile ranting about a Broadway musical on Twitter, the internet was a very perplexing place yesterday.


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