is ‘the nun’ the scariest film ever? youtube seems to think so

A new teaser for the supernatural horror has been pulled by the streaming platform.

by Hannah Ongley
Aug 15 2018, 4:51pm

Still via YouTube

If you rock up to The Nun on September 7 you’ve hopefully taken adequate precautions (bring friends, go to the bathroom first, and leave the lights on in your home, which had better not be a convent.) People having casual 3am YouTube binge, however, were not prepared to have the decomposing face of a shrieking zombie nun popping up on their screens. An ad for Corin Hardy’s supernatural horror film cuts abruptly from a black screen with a Macbook mute sign to a loudly screaming nun. It has been now removed by YouTube for being, well, utterly fucking terrifying. While the clip was only six seconds long, the volume “warning” barely gives you enough time to rip off your headphones, and the internet’s general consensus has been “NOT COOL.”

The ad is what’s known as a “jump-scare” ad, and violates the platform’s “shocking content policy.” It was brought to YouTube’s attention after one everyday hero issued an actually useful warning in the form of a now-viral Tweet. If jump scares ain’t your jam, we’d probably suggest waiting for Sister Act 3 The Nun’s official trailer also ends in a rather startling manner, after showing a young nun walking through a dimly lit chamber. On the other hand, if you love being scared shitless, run don’t walk to the theatre when the Reverend Mother makes her way to theaters next month.