these lacroix swimsuits are the ultimate summer thirst trap

Available in six flavors.

by Hannah Ongley
May 15 2018, 9:51pm

Public Space

Seems the #snackwave is riding strong into summer. As New York City finally hits oppressive levels of humidity, meet the sunny season’s answer to winter’s pizza onesie: a swimsuit plastered with the logo of your fave no-cal sparkling beverage, LaCroix. Finally, you can argue with strangers about the brand’s pronunciation all summer long! (For the record, as clarified on the “nutritional FAQs” section of LaCroix’s website, it’s “LaCroy. It rhymes with ‘enjoy.’”)

The one-piece bathing suits and swim shorts aren’t official merch — rather they’re the work of Eric Wu, who is selling them on the website of his LA-based brand, Public Space. The shorts are $39.50, while the bathing suits will set you back that plus a Hamilton. Each style is available in six different flavors, including Pamplemousse and Passionfruit for the true fans, and Pure One for the basics and haters. (Wu is also selling a swim short featuring the logo of Fiji Water, in case flat is more your jam, for some reason.) Get yours now and help make Rockaway Beach resemble the infamous Williamsburg Whole Foods LaCroix wall.

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