charlotte carey makes the boys go crazy

Charlotte Carey was a teenage mall rat, but now the California girl can be found walking for only the coolest shows in New York or staring out from a billboard near you as the face of #dieselreboot.

by Felicity Kinsella
Mar 25 2014, 6:00pm

Photography Daniel Jackson

21-year-old Brooklyn-ite Charlotte Carey is the bleach-blonde highschool dropout who grew up bewteen California and Indonesia, had all her milkteeth pulled out by her aunt and can now be found staring out starry-eyed from the Diesel campaign alonside Ming Xi and Harajuku icon Hirari Ikeda or as "November" in 2014's Playboy calendar. Signed to Union Models, walking for Opening Ceremony and DKNY, and appearing in i-D's New York Now shoot in The Future Fashion Issue all white hair, beauty spots and nipple piercing, she's got a mysterious, rebellious, kind of Sky Ferreira air about her that's got everyone thinking Char will go far... 

What was it like growing up in Indonesia/California? 
I grew up with my aunt and grandparents in Indonesia and it's definitely different from Cali. Indonesia is very rich in old traditional culture - I remember my aunt shaving my head as a baby up until I was four, and she pulled out all my teeth with her bare hands at one point so they grew properly. We'd sleep on these beautiful straw rugs and cook big meals and have ceremony's and traditional dances. My mom comes from a village in Sumatra, northern Indonesia. Then I moved to California with her and my step dad to go to school and I pretty much turned into a valley girl lol.

How were you discovered?
I was ditching school and got scouted that day in the local mall. I decided to go for it because I wanted to make some money to buy clothes.

What was it like on set with all the other models, Dan and Al, for the i-D New York Now shoot? 
Everyone was so chilled out and fun, playing music etc. and I love Alastair and Dan's work so I was extremely excited when I got there especially shooting for one of my fav magazines!

Who are your best friends in the industry? 
I don't really hang out with a lot of people in the industry but I'd have to say Alex my manager and Oscar Olima, this amazing designer from LA... both are my bestfriends. 

When/why did you go blonde? 
I've always wanted to be a blonde. I used to cut and dye my hair as a sort of expression when I was 14. And blonde was the only color at the time that I didn't do, that I wanted to do! 

Were you worried about it? 
Nope! It was awesome cause Guido and Aura (my colorist) did it! And everyone who knew me from when I was 15 knew I've always wanted to do this.

When/why did you go red? 
I went red a week ago. I just felt like doing it..I've been wanting to do it for 5 months and I was like fuck it let's set up a date and cut off all my dead hair and colored it red. I love the color red it's a bold expression to me of what's going on atm in my life. And it feels liberating and refreshing!

Which do you prefer?
Both are very different, I love the blonde and red but it's still me in the end.

What was it like working with Nicola Formichetti? 
Awesome! He's one of my favorite stylists and he's super funny and sweet and I love his art direction and what he does for Diesel.

What was it like meeting Hirari Ikeda? 
She was really sweet and cool and interesting. Her Instagram is awesome too!

Why did your Instagram get deleted? 
I woke up one morning and it was gone after someone kept flagging all my photos nonstop to the point Instagram disabled it.

What was it like working on the Playboy calendar? 
It was cute... Terry was awesome to work with and Nicola... met a lot of cool people... I was a cute bunny for November. The cast was awesome, done by AM casting! Thank you guys :)

Are you in love? 
Yes... Been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years x

What's been your best Valentine's Day ever? 
When my boyfriend cooked me a grain free pizza and bought me a ring for my middle finger lol.

What were you like as a teenager? 
Mom tried to discipline me a lot to the point where I went crazy lol. I was a pretty creative and in my own world as a teen. Kids at school called me the biggest weirdo. I went to raves a lot when I was 13 and went through a lot of stages. Crazy it was only 5-6 years ago!

Why did you drop out of school? 
I hated the pressure from my mom and the kids at school were rude/mean to me. The only thing that made school a bit better to deal with was music class - music is something I'm passionate about. And science at one point when we were discussing Greek mythology. I just hated spending all day in a room doing home work and school 24/7. When I got kicked out it worked out cause I did charter home schooling which was where you pick the classes you want for credits and you get tested by the government every year.

What's your favourite New York Hangout? 
An Choi probably. I'm there at least 4 times a week having an ice tea or drinks.

What goes through your mind as you're walking down the catwalk? 
A lot... I feel cool haha, the catwalk is fun, it's like going on a roller-coaster to me.

What was your first ever modeling job and were you nervous? 
It was for a campaign and yeah at first but after a while I got comfortable!

What are your worst habits?
Probably eating too many sweets. I have a sweet tooth ;)

Who are your favourite models? 
Kate Moss and Mariacarla

What do you wear to bed? 
I'm naked all the time in bed lol.

How can we win your heart? 
Send me some avocados and ice tea ;) haha

What was the last good film you watched?
Jurassic Park, I love that film.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing what you're doing? 
Is be in Indonesia studying history culture and philosophy out in south east Asia.

When was the last time you cried? 
Like 2 days ago haha.

What songs get you on the dancefloor?
Daft Punk and Italo disco! Also Brooke Candy and hip hop. 

Do you believe in ghosts? 
Yes, they are the number 1 thing I fear in this world.

If you were invisible for a day what would you do? 

Any last words? 



Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Daniel Jackson
NY Fashion Director Alastair McKimm
Make-up Yadim at Art Partner 
Hair Shon at Julian Watson Agency
Nail technician Candice Idehen using Chanel
Casting director Angus Munro at AM Casting (Streeters NY)
Photography assistance Karen Goss, Jerome Corpuz
Digital technician Sam Gold. Styling assistance Katelyn Gray, Julia Sanchis Meseguer
Make-up assistance Mondo Leon, Kanako Takase, Danilo Ono, Anoli
Hair assistance Ryuta Saiga, Corey Tuttle, Sasha Alekseyeva, Hikaru

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