premiere: watch hinds channel godard in 'garden' video

Spain's coolest garage rockers serve surreal 60s vibes in their newest music video.

by Emily Manning
Oct 21 2015, 11:00am

The world is Hinds' oyster. The Madrid-based four piece is presently tearing up their very first tour of the United States, bringing their fresh surf rock sound to the scuzzed out SoCal kids of LA's Burger Records scene and beyond. But in their new music video for jangly-stringed single Garden, the band time travel to Jean-Luc Godard's France, as captured in his 1965 feature Pierrot Le Fou.

Garden sees the Hinds girls keeping things surreal in the Parisian New Wave pioneer's signature 60s style. There's slow motion hula-hooping, gravity-defying chickens, and a few new uses for rose petals -- playful details director Pedro Martin-Calero says are in keeping with the band's fun, manic energy. "I love [Godard's] expressive use of color, the films' surreal mood and their subtle sense of humor. They still look new and fresh 50 years later and still give me a sense of freedom," he tells us. "To my mind, all of these elements fit the song and aesthetic world of the band."

Garden is another example of a Hinds music video we wanna hang out inside. Chili Town saw the crew squadding up and sipping wine on rooftops, while Davey Crockett + All My Loving -- a double video release with fellow new gen rockers The Parrots -- featured the girls chilling in skate parks and lipsynching with hairdryer microphones. Fortunately, we'll have the chance to chill with Hinds next week during their stop at the  Music Hall of Williamsburg. Their debut full length, Leave Me Alone, arrives January 8 via Lucky Number/ Mom + Pop .


Text Emily Manning
Photography Jesse Fox

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