got a spare $8000? here's your chance to own an iconic piece of yeezy history

Kanye’s "Blkkk Skkkn Head" masks have turned up online.

Oct 12 2016, 1:11pm

Remember those black, conical, KKK-referencing hoods that opened the Nick Knight-directed "Blkkk Skkn Head" video? Well they've turned up on rare streetwear shopping forum Grailed for the low low price of $8100 (reduced, from $9k).

 "I currently have for sale two conical hoods as seen in the final seconds of the Kanye West music video BLKKK SKKKN-HEAD," Grailed user jonmansallay writes. "Great investment for individuals interested in collecting items due to their association with celebrities or simply to sell on down the line." Although before dishing out a year's rent on an item of headgear you feasibly will never be able to wear down the shops, it should be noted that jonmansallay offers no proof that these are genuine Kanye West "Blkkk Skkk Head" conical masks; they could of course just be black, conical masks.

He's also, rather harshly, for an $8100 product, charging $30 shipping. If genuine though, it is a chance to own a little piece of music history. 


Text Felix Petty