find out what happened in twin peaks for the last 25 years

Prepare yourself for season three with 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks.'

by Matthew Whitehouse
Jul 28 2016, 1:14pm

A book seeking to explain what happened to the people of Twin Peaks since we last saw them is being released. Its author is none other than Mark Frost — the screenwriter who co-created the landmark television series with David Lynch in 1990.

Billed as "a vastly layered, wide-ranging history," the aptly titled Secret History of Twin Peaks takes the form of a 368-page novel that will attempt to both answer longstanding questions about the show ("How is Annie? How is Annie? How is Annie? How is Annie?"), as well as open up new ones ahead of its soon to be aired third season (chiefly, "Has that gum we like come back in style?").

With a teaser trailer that includes a postcard from Norma, a memo from Gordon, and a physician's intake of a certain Log Lady, it appears those questions are only going to get bigger (and, Diane, if you ever get up this way, it looks like that cherry pie is still worth a stop). See what you can make out, below. 


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