christopher kane's ode to ecosexuals

We all love the planet and want it to survive — some of us, it seems, really really love it.

by Osman Ahmed
Sep 18 2019, 2:06pm

Christopher Kane continued his exploration of sexual fetishes with SS20, billed as an ode to ‘ecosexuals’ — people, who in the designer’s words, “love the planet, who love to make love to the planet, who are naturists, who don’t need clothes, who just want flowers, beauty, nature and wind and magic and spirituality.”


You can take from that what you will — the Scottish designer insisted it was not a political statement about the climate crisis — but at a time that Amazon rainforest is burning and environmental activism has ushered in change at even the biggest luxury houses, it’s a prescient notion. We all love the planet and want it to survive — some of us, it seems, really really love it.


There may be a wry sense of humour there, but Kane is not an ironic designer — and this is no laughing matter. London Fashion Week has been overshadowed by environmental protests, activists gluing themselves to fashion editors, #secondhandseptember, a funeral procession to mark the “death of fashion” closing LFW, and a new book — Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas — that shines a light on the industry’s toxic waste and unethical production. Designers and megabrands have started to seriously (if not slowly) adopt sustainable practice, and activists are urging them to avoid overproduction by recycling deadstock materials, and for the rest of us to buy less.

All photography Mitchell Sams

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.