​tyler, the creator is going on tour

It’s good news if you live in California, Tennessee or Ireland.

by Matthew Whitehouse
Feb 18 2016, 4:10pm

It's been almost a year since Tyler dropped his last album Cherry Bomb and he's finally announced a string of live dates in support. So, for those in San Diego, Ventura, Fresno, Sacramento, Chico and Santa Cruz, it's good news. For everyone else, the wait goes on till summer, when he performs at Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Longitude Festival in Ireland.

Tyler explains his decision to perform almost exclusively across The Golden State, tweeting, "I didn't really hit California last tour". Which is fair enough when you consider it was there he formed the Odd Future collective that spawned his solo success, starting with single "Yonkers" in 2011.

Tyler recently opened up about that track in an interview with Vince Staples on his GOLF Media app, saying: "Dude, niggas don't know that that beat was made as a joke. I was trying to make a shitty New York beat and we was just rapping like we was from New York like we were retarded. And then, I just had some random verses and I was just like 'I'll just record it to this beat, this beat is kinda cool.' And then niggas really liked it. That's so nuts, because that shit was actually a fucking joke. I made that beat in literally eight minutes."

We went 12 rounds (of golf) with the rapper, as he chatted clothing, Black America and Bernie Sanders with pal Mikey Alfred of skate brand Illegal Civilization in a brand new episode of i-D Meets. Check it out and feel the Bern, below.