exclusive: watch the video for melanie c’s new single, 'anymore'

The artist formerly known as Sporty Spice returns with her poppiest release in a decade.

by Matthew Whitehouse
Sep 6 2016, 12:56pm

We like Melanie C here at i-D. The only Spice Girl who could apparently somersault on cue, cover star of i-D's Emergency Issue back in 1999 (so popular we don't even have a copy) and possessor of arguably the finest post-Spice back catalogue of the entire band: from early singles "Goin' Down," "Never Be the Same Again" and "I Turn to You;" to the Garbage-y "Next Best Superstar" and very nice "One by One" (taken from 2011's equally nice The Sea album). And that's before we even mention ludicrously good Bryan Adams duet "When You're Gone."

She has, of course, been a solo artist for longer now than she was ever a Spice Girl, a feat that seems in no danger of slowing down if latest single "Anymore" is anything to go by. Her poppiest release in a decade, "Anymore" sounds exactly like the sort of music we'd want Melanie C to be making in a post-Years & Years pop landscape. We like it. You'll like it. And you can watch the video premiering exclusively below. 


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