Photography Duane Michals. 

duane michals shoots nostalgic male nudes for loewe’s new book

The Spanish design house debuts its spring/summer 19 menswear collection.

by Jack Sunnucks
Jun 21 2018, 8:02pm

Photography Duane Michals. 

Under J.W. Anderson, Loewe has become known not only for its thoughtful designs redolent of its home base of Madrid, but also for the incredible hard-cover books the house puts out alongside its collections. For Loewe’s spring/summer 19 tome, Anderson once again turned to Duane Michals, the American artist and photographer known for his delicate exploration of gay men’s sexuality and mortality (among many other things). Michals shot a cast of eleven men in absurd situations at Casa Gallardo, a cavernous home in Madrid — each appears in the book accompanied by the photographer’s customary handwritten notes.

The collection itself takes inspiration from bohemian life, a constant preoccupation of Anderson’s, and calls to mind what it might look like to be the child of artists. The contents of tide pools are printed across shirts and bags, with sea urchins and cowrie shells blown up to ten times their size. Fabrics are decidedly naive, broderie anglaise and sackcloth brushing up against corduroy and flower patches. Dumbo the elephant also appears in collaboration with Disney, flying straight out of the 1941 film. The effect is that of an exceptionally chic sleepover.

Here we share images from the limited edition book, designed by M/M Paris and styled by Benjamin Bruno.

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