frank ocean’s prep+ party is back, but more queer

Thank Goddess for Arca and Papi Juice.

by Jack Sunnucks
Oct 24 2019, 4:18pm

After the furore surrounding Frank Ocean’s first PrEP+ nightclub last week, he’s back with a new installment tonight that seems altogether more… queer. In a rare misstep for the artist, who is widely thought to have created the best album of the last decade, his night was given a social media roasting for being gay in name only. Inspired by what the LGBTQ+ scene might look like if the HIV/AIDS epidemic had been prevented, it was supposed to be a queer utopia representative of New York nightlife at its prime, but seemed a bit more like an industry release party. After responding to critics on his Tumblr, where he talked about the need for further public awareness on the actual HIV-preventing drug PrEP, it seems tonight’s event is set to be as queer as humanly possible. Arca put the flyer on her Instagram, which lists the conceptual (and fabulous) performer alongside Papi Juice, the DJ collective who throw parties for QPOC in New York, Shyboi, and Leeon.

That’s about all the info the flyer contains, aside from saying “Look at us, we’re in love,” a reference to the surprise Apple Radio show, Blonded, that Frank released last week. We just hope this means more new tracks —what is it with 2019 being the year of begging our musical idols for more… music? We wear their labels and attend their parties, runway extravaganzas, and press junkets, but what we really want are fresh, hot tunes. Last week, we got two remixes and some T-shirts — this week, might Frank unleash some new material. We live in hope.

Frank Ocean