langley fox hemingway writes a letter to her younger self

To celebrate 25 years of BE WHO YOU ARE, i-D is collaborating with Bobbi Brown to bring you six women's letters of advice to their younger selves. Here, Langley Fox Hemingway reflects on growth spurts, judgment and how being an adult means knowing you...

by Created with Bobbi Brown
Jan 23 2017, 7:22pm

Dear Langley,

You're pretty much the same little weirdo you were at 7-years-old, the age when you first started dyeing your hair and dressing up in crazy mismatched outfits. Nothing in your mind has changed that much, it's just now you're confident with who you are. And trust me, that comes with time.

If I could give you any real support right now, it'd be to feel safe within yourself. The changes you're experiencing and the people that are hurting you don't mean anything. All of your experiences will strengthen you. You'll experience a giant growth spurt - the kind that stretches out all your limbs to their most skeletal potential - but you must ignore anyone judging you for this. In time, you'll learn the strength it takes to ignore them. But for now, just know that the judgmental ones are those who dislike something within themselves; they aren't judging you, they are judging themselves - so pity them, if you can.

I would also like to let you know that you are very talented and strong, and even though you like to be alone you'll find lots of love in your life. You have strength in your solitude so don't fight it. You will create the best work during that time and your mind will keep growing and expanding and altering.

It's important to know that nothing you think now or then or tomorrow is set in stone. You are ever-changing so don't make any rules. Allow your opinions to change and always stay open-minded to these alterations. You learn through living, so keep living everyday. Don't judge yourself - or anyone around you for that matter. You only have the control over your actions so choose wisely, but don't get bogged down when you fuck up (because you will - that's life, unfortunately).

Life is hard and exhausting - as your parents told you every day since they gave birth to you. But soon you'll feel safe inside, rather than struggling with how to grow up properly. You'll realize that becoming an adult is accepting that you'll always be a kid, it's just now you have bills to pay and a life to conduct. Somehow it all happens so don't worry about how that journey begins, it just will.

Keep being inspired, keep drawing, keep loving your parents and your sister, keep daydreaming, keep smiling, and keep living cause you're going to grow up to be someone I like, someone I'm proud of, someone your friends admire, and someone your parents are proud of. We have many years to go together, but I'd like you to know that you're doing a good job and I love you a lot.


bobbi brown
langley fox hemingway