premiere: jazz cartier, 'hotel paranoia'

Pull up to the young Toronto rapper’s dark, twisted penthouse party exclusively on i-D.

by Emily Manning and i-D Staff
Feb 1 2016, 5:00pm

If Drake is October's Very Own, fellow 6 God Jazz Cartier is February's. The Toronto-born emerging rapper arrives today with his newest project, Hotel Paranoia -- a 16-track effort that's so much more than the perfect penthouse soundtrack. Premiering exclusively on i-D, Hotel Paranoia is a dynamic clutch of cuts that span the turn up, the come down, and all the hazy, heady, and hyped up moments in between.

Hotel Paranoia showcases Cartier's whip-smart lyrical punches and penchant for compelling construction. Tracks like lead single "Opera" and "I Know" couple Cartier's vocal clarity and confidence with fittingly dark, cinematic production efforts from longtime collaborator Lantz. The pair cut their teeth on Cartier's explosive debut effort, Marauding in Paradise, which arrived in April and signaled the 22-year-old rapper as one to watch -- closely.

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But as Cartier jabs on "Stick and Move," "2015 was practice" and he's not playing. Cartier creates precise imagery by puzzle-piecing quick quips like "she lookin through clues in my phone, thinkin' she Daphne," before sampling the Scooby Doo sleuth's vocals over buzzy 808s and pounding basslines -- fully expecting his listeners to stay sharp to the lighting pace. Hotel Paranoia lights up the new year with chandelier-swinging swagger balanced boldly with syrupy introspection and purely punk energy. Read a full interview with Jazz about the project here



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