an iconic black hair brand is coming to sephora

America's favorite beauty store will carry a revived line of products inspired by the legacy of America's O.G. #girlboss.

Feb 26 2016, 6:15pm

Richard Burbridge

The inspiration for the latest line of beauty products to be sold at Sephora is perfectly timed for the tail-end of Black History Month. Next Friday the store will carry a new hair care line for black hair, which builds on the life and legacy of America's first self-made female millionaire Madam C.J. Walker. Madam Walker was an activist and O.G. #girlboss who started building her own black hair empire in 1905 because she suffered a scalp ailment that caused hair loss. Sundial Brands is giving the iconic brand a modern makeover and dropping it onto Sephora's shelves.

The revived line will include four collections, including three for styling and one for treatment. All are designed to inspire women to be unapologetic in the expression of their beauty, whether their hair be kinky, coily, curly, wavy, or heat-treated. Madame Walker's great-great granddaughter A'Lelia Bundles (who also happens to be her great-great grandmother's biographer) has given the green light to the brand makeover. 

"Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture is taking what Madam Walker envisioned more than 100 years ago to a fresh, new level with products and formulas I believe she may have imagined for the 21st century," she said in a press release. "In one of her last speeches, Madam Walker emphasized the importance of healthy hair — whether curly-kinky, straight, wavy, or in-between — each style beautiful in its own uniqueness. With this line, every woman can have healthier hair while also confidently expressing her beauty in the best way possible — hers."

With the increasing attention that's been given to the specific beauty needs of black women — not all of it positive — it's awesome that company with brand power of Sephora is helping to boost the range of options not just out there but in front of everyone's eyes. Sundial's CEO Richelieu Dennis notes that Madam Walker's brand was more than a hair care line, existing also as a challenge to the narrow beauty ideals at the time. Despite how overwhelming the number of products in a Sephora store can feel, it's clear that beauty ideals in 2016 still exclude a large portion of the population. Hopefully fashion is taking notes.  


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Richard Burbridge
[The Audible Issue, i-D No. 189, August 99]