who will play anna wintour in the grace coddington biopic?

A film adaptation of the 'Vogue' creative director's memoir may be in the works.

Oct 14 2015, 9:43pm

photography arthur elgort

It's hard to be more fascinating than someone who was once described as the "most powerful woman in America" and who allegedly once had an affair with Bob Marley. But Grace Coddington more than rose to the challenge, and almost upstaged Anna Wintour, in the 2009 Vogue documentary The September Issue. 'Who is she?' we wondered, as she angrily rummaged through racks of Prada and got sassy with Anna. Answers came in 2012, when Grace published a memoir detailing her evolution from gangly Welsh teen to fashion model to creative visionary. And, a year later - according to an email from the Wikileaks Sony hack (subject line "Grace") - Sony considered buying the film rights to the book. Sadly, though, nothing came of it.

But, yesterday, Grace confirmed to Fashionista that a movie adaption might still be happening. "A company called A24 bought the rights to it," Grace offered, noting cooly that the film industry is "a very slow business compared to the fashion business." (i.e. Don't hold your breath for a release date, i.e. Grace has pulled off more impressive feats than shooting a film in a month.) A24 is the production company behind acclaimed films like Ex Machina and Under the Skin, and also Spring Breakers - which bodes well. But the big questions still remain: Who will play Grace? (We'd like to option Grace's #1 favorite doppelganger Karen Elson.) Who will play Anna? And who will play Grace's cats?

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Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photography Arthur Elgort
Styling Stella Greenspan
Hair colorist Louis Licari