amy - watch the official making of featurette

Asif Kapadia and the creators of the Amy Winehouse documentary come together to spill the beans and the tears on the making of it.

by Felicity Kinsella
Jul 9 2015, 5:54pm

Everyone wants to know what really happened to Amy Winehouse. How did someone so insanely talented slip into a catastrophic downward spiral that eventually ended her life? The only story we had before the Asif Kapadia-directed documentary Amy was the media's warped view of a tragic starlet who existed to provide scandalous headlines.

As the film's editor Chris King explains, there was a time in her life when every step Amy took was filmed. Whether that was by the paparazzi, friends, family or fans, the team behind Amy trawled through hundreds of hours of footage of the Back to Black singer. In its opening weekend, the documentary broke box office records. Now its creators have released a featurette on the making of the film, which can be watched on YouTube. Kapadia and King are joined by producer James Gay-Rees to describe how painful and difficult it is to tell the story of a real person, especially when there are so many people who will be affected by what you say.

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