this casting call exemplifies hollywood's sexism problem

Predictably, it didn't go down so well.

by Hannah Ongley
Jun 2 2016, 9:10pm

We've encountered enough examples of Hollywood sexism recently to fill an entire book on the subject, but one word in a Facebook post has highlighted the problem to depressing, maddening, perfection. Last week an unidentified casting agency put out an otherwise unassuming casting call seeking "whores" for an upcoming project — one linked to Hollywood heavyweight Quentin Tarantino. Any (thin, white, natural-breasted) woman interested in the opportunity was told to send a photo and actively describe herself as a "whore" in an email subject line. The agency has since deleted the post, but not before the blog Women and Hollywood grabbed a screenshot. 

As one Facebook commenter pointed out, using a less degrading word probably would have been a good idea. "Sex workers," "saloon girls," or even "prostitutes" are all terms far less heavily laden with decades/centuries of sexist baggage. And while women have every right to reclaim derogatory 1880s slut synonymns, requiring budding actresses to brand themselves in this manner to even be considered for a job isn't quite as liberating. These women have enough of an uphill battle with misogyny ahead of them as it is.


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Georges Biard

Quentin Tarantino