london collections: men closes with a night of fashion films

James Long, KTZ and Casely-Hayford premiere their autumn/winter 15 collections in motion.

by i-D Team
Jan 14 2015, 7:18pm

To close London Collections: Men, River Island and the British Fashion Council premiered three fashion films by three of the weekends tip top menswear designers/brands; James Long, Casely-Hayford and KTZ. James Long, who was selected as the next in an impressive line up (including alumni Joseph Turvey, Katie Eary and Rihanna) of River Island collaborators, sent a gang of models including Matthew Bell and Gryphon O'Shea into a stormy utopia a world away from anything we've experienced. KTZ presented The Urban Revolution, consisting of snakes, spikes and Jourdan Copeland, and Casely-Hayford sent a beautiful boy off skating through lonely streets. We caught five minutes with Joe Alexander who worked with the father-son duo, Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford to direct Passages Through Time

Can you describe working with Casely-Hayford?
It's a pleasure working with the label. I've known Charlie a while and we've spoken about trying to do something together but it's never quite worked out. Both Charlie and Joe had a very clear idea about what they wanted from this, which always makes things easier.

How did you come up with the film idea?
It was pretty organic. Charlie got in touch and we chatted about what they wanted. I went away and developed a few ideas and this was the one that clicked.

What do you make of Casely-Hayford's clothes?
I'm a massive fan. I have a few pieces, including a made-to-measure suit, which is one of the most beautiful things I own.

What were some of the aims/ideas of the film?
We wanted to communicate the idea of a journey, but at the same time hold on to a sense of ambiguity - no beginning and no end. Casely-Hayford have used urban environments in the past, so for this we wanted to break away from that and use the suburbs and bleaker, industrial-feeling locations. I was using the mood boards that Joe and Charlie had put together to inspire the collection, to come up with the visual ideas for the film - 90s sensibilities and splashes of colour in bleak landscapes...

Check out James Long and KTZ's fashion films below:

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