​prada reveals story prize winners in series of immersive digital plays

Four winning stories have been transformed into short digital theatre pieces, with interactive viewer options. Watch them all online now.

by Charlotte Gush
Sep 30 2016, 8:53pm

The winners of the Prada Journal - Prada Feltrinelli Prize for original story writing have been revealed — but far from a boring press release with a list of names, the news has arrived in the delightful form of four interactive digital performances available to all via the Prada Journal website.

This year's theme is 'Illuminations, shadows and mirages. Things are not always what they seem' and the four winning writers are Kei Matsushima's Conversations with Shadows, Flávio Vinicius Moreira Costa's Lieutenant Marcus, Billie Phillips' No Balm in Gilead, and Maria Laura Rodriguez's The Hour of the Wolf.

Passages from each story were selected by the American scriptwriter Christopher Ciancimino and transformed into two-minute plays, with each play acted out in two different locations and filmed in 360 degrees, so the viewer can switch between views and roam around the scenes. Read all four stories and watch the multidimensional digital performances on the Prada Journal website.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography courtesy Prada Journal

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