#baldandbadchallenge celebrates the badass female buzzcut

Finally a hashtag beauty challenge we can get behind.

by Hannah Ongley
Dec 1 2016, 10:49pm


As if the world needed any more convincing that very short hair can be very badass, even the Victoria's Secret runway — normally a parade of loose curls as long as the models legs — is living, breathing proof. Last night's show marked the first time that three models walked the show wearing their natural hair, inspired in part by Maria Bourges's decision last year to forgo extensions in favor of a tightly cropped afro. Bourges, along with Jourdana Phillips and Herieth rightly received praise for helping shift things in a more inclusive direction. 

A new viral hashtag is challenging women to obliterate tired beauty standards even further. #baldandbadass is giving visibility — some of the selfies have clocked up over 10k likes — to bald, buzzcut, and super-shorn babes. 

Despite all the progress we've made towards inclusivity, most of the hashtag beauty "challenges" to have gone viral in recent months — whether they involve contorting your arm around your back to touch your bellybutton, sticking quarters in your collarbones, or being literally thinner than a sheet of paper — haven't exactly done much to ramp up the momentum. Finally, a challenge that shows social media isn't always the worst place to find self-confidence. 

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