​before champagne papi existed drake used to write for dr. dre

“It was some of the most strenuous militant shit I’ve ever done.”

by i-D Staff
Jan 14 2016, 10:51pm

Before Drake became Drake, he was just regular old Aubrey Graham, or so we thought. In his recent book The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory, author John Seabrook has suggested that before his fame as a solo artist, Drake actually worked behind the scenes for the king of 90s Compton, Dr. Dre, during his Death Row era. However, DJBooth was quick to poke holes in Seabrook's chronology, given Drake's age and the fact that Dre severed ties with Death Row in 1996. Seabrook later clarifies that Drake was one of Dre's writers in Los Angeles, when Drake was 19 years old, which suggests he was working with Dre around 2005, while Dre was working on Detox, hip hop's legendary unfinished album. According to Champagne Papi himself, "It was some of the most strenuous militant shit I've ever done. But no useable songs came out of it… when I think of how he worked us, it's no wonder he didn't get anything out of it. It was just writers in a room churning out product all day long."


Photography via Wikicommons

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