Release dates for every movie worth seeing in 2021

From spooky new horrors to the Wes Anderson and Timothée Chalamet collaboration we've all been waiting for: here's when and where you can watch them.

by Douglas Greenwood
Mar 24 2021, 4:02pm

Image from The French Dispatch 

The unbearable slog that is everyday life continues, and yet we’re still not permitted to sit in a movie theatre with a soft drink the size of our head and a supersize bucket of popcorn to quell the madness of it all. Movie theatres in major US cities like Los Angeles and New York have been closed for almost a year, with the East Coast reopening just a handful earlier this month. In the UK, cinemas were shut until late summer 2020, with some briefly reopening (mainly for arthouse movies and retrospectives) only to be shut down again when Coronavirus case numbers spiked. But with vaccination rates rising, maybe a trip to the movie theatre in the near future isn’t such a mad prospect? So, what films can can we expect to see and when?

The mass movie scheduling delay of 2020 means that 2021 is set to be a stacked year. Yesterday, Disney (who own Marvel, Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Studios) announced their latest reshuffling, with most movies that promise big box office returns being held until later in the year, or moved from cinema releases to Disney+ exclusives. Meanwhile, Universal and Warner Bros are still in the process of ironing everything out with their schedules. 

Which movies are actually coming out this year then? And when can we bloody see them? Here’s a rundown of the ones you’ve likely got your beady eyes on right now. 

French Exit

Michelle Pfeiffer plays a neurotic, broke, widowed socialite fleeing New York for Paris in this off-beat comedy that earned her a Golden Globe nomination.
Release date: 2 April (USA) / TBC (UK)

Shiva Baby

It’s LA!” meme queen Rachel Sennott is an almost-college grad who runs into both her sugar daddy and ex-girlfriend at a family shiva in this hugely triggering comedy.
Release date: 2 April (USA) / TBC (UK)


The boundaries of reality are bent amongst a group of astronauts on board a space mission. Stars Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan.
Release date: 9 April (USA) / 2 July (UK)


Joaquin Phoenix produced this black-and-white silent documentary about a pig on a farm.
Release date: 16 April (USA) / 11 June (UK)

About Endlessness

Deadpan masterpiece maker Roy Andersson dwells on mortality and the nature of human existence in his very-well reviewed final movie.
Release date: 30 April (USA) / Out now (UK)


A refugee adapts to life on a remote Scottish island in Ben Sharrock’s funny and touching debut.
Release date: 30 April (USA) / 30 July (UK)


Gia Coppola directs this story of three intertwined lovers making sense of themselves in the internet age. Stars Maya Hawke, Andrew Garfield and Alexa Demie.
Release date: 7 May (USA) / TBC (UK)

The Woman in the Window

A psychological thriller that’s been delayed so often it’s become a meme. Coming to Netflix
Release date: 14 May (USA) / TBC (UK)


Another Saw movie. You know how these things go.
Release date: 21 May (USA) / 21 May (UK)

Army of the Dead

Four-hour-Justice-League director Zack Snyder goes full cult in this Las Vegas Zombie movie coming to Netflix.
Release date: 21 May (USA) / 21 May (UK)


Suki Waterhouse stars in this horror about a group of schoolgirls who summon a spirit with devastating consequences.
Release date: 21 May (USA) / TBC (UK)


Emma Stone plays the titular character in this 1970s London-set origin story. Also on Disney+.
Release date: 28 May (USA) / 28 May (UK)

A Quiet Place: Part II

The sequel to the 2018 horror hit that’s release was scuppered by Rona rearing its head finally gets a summer 2021 release.
Release date: 28 May (USA) / 4 June (UK)

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The third Conjuring movie that still stars queen Vera Farmiga. 
Release date: 4 June (USA) / 28 May (UK)

In The Heights

The glittering big-screen adaptation of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s musical about gentrification hitting Washington Heights. Also on HBO Max.
Release date: 11 June (USA) / 25 June (UK)


A fantasy animation about two friends on the Italian Riviera, one of whom is hiding the secret that he’s a mermaid. Stars We Are Who We Are’s Jack Dylan Grazer. Exclusively on Disney+.
Release date: 18 June (USA) / 18 June (UK)


18 months after its Sundance premiere, Janicza Bravo and Jeremy O. Harris’ talked-about stripper road movie finally gets its release. 
Release date: 30 June (USA) / TBC (UK)

Black Widow

Florence Pugh makes her Marvel debut in this spin-off directed by Cate Shortland. Also on Disney+.
Release date: 9 July (USA) / 9 July (UK)

The Forever Purge

The final instalment in the truly chaotic The Purge series. 
Release date: 9 July (USA) / 9 July (UK)

Space Jam: A New Legacy

LeBron James and Bugs Bunny join forces in this live action/cartoon crossover sequel, 25 years after the original premiered. Also on HBO Max.
Release date: 16 July (USA) / 23 July (UK)

The Night House

A Sundance 2020 hit, this domestic horror sees a widow uncovering her late husband’s dark secrets.
Release date: 16 July (USA) / TBA (UK)


An adaptation of a graphic novel, this M. Night Shyamalan movie is set on a secluded beach where a holidaying family discover the ageing process has speeded up rapidly, leading them to live their whole lives in a day. 
Release date: 23 July (USA) / 23 July (UK)

The Green Knight

A Ghost Story filmmaker David Lowery directs this A24 fantasy inspired by a 14th century medieval tale. Dev Patel stars.
Release date: 23 July (USA) / 23 July (UK)


Finally, Nia DaCosta’s creepy horror remake hits cinemas this summer. Also on HBO Max.
Release date: 27 August (USA) / 27 August (UK)

Resident Evil

Kaya ‘Effy Stonem’ Scodelario assumes the lead role in this Resident Evil reboot.
Release date: 3 September (USA) / 3 September (UK)

The Many Saints of Newark

The Sopranos spin-off movie starring James Gandolfini’s son follows rival African American and Italian gangs in 1960s New York. Also on HBO Max.
Release date: 24 September (USA) / 22 October (UK)

Dear Evan Hansen

A big screen adaptation of the behemoth Broadway musical, about a high school loner getting wrapped up in a fake friendship with a boy who’s died by suicide
Release date: 24 September (USA) / TBC (UK)


King Timothée Chalamet gets his blockbuster moment in this hugely anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic. 
Release date: 1 October (USA) / 17 September (UK)

Halloween Kills

Jamie-Lee Curtis is back in this sequel to the reboot of the Halloween franchise. 
Release date: 15 October (USA) / 15 October (UK)

Last Night in Soho

Baby Driver’s Edgar Wright directs Anya Taylor-Joy in this psycho-thriller about a wannabe fashion designer transporting herself to 1960s London to meet her idol.
Release date: 22 October (USA) / 29 October (UK)


Guillermo Del Toro executive produces this movie about a school teacher who’s convinced one of her pupils is concealing a weird, supernatural creature in his house. 
Release date: 22 October (USA) / 29 October (UK)

The Eternals

Chloe Zhao directs Barry Keoghan and Angelina Jolie in this Avengers-style Marvel movie.
Release date: 5 November (USA) / 5 November (UK)


Lady Gaga in several wigs and the internet’s boyfriend Adam Driver lead this exploration of Patrizia Reggiani’s plot to hire an assassin to kill her husband, an heir to the Gucci fortune.
Release date: 24 November (USA) / 24 November (UK)

Nightmare Alley

A noir drama about a cunning carnival leader being duped by an even more cunning psychiatrist. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, it reunites Carol queens Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.
Release date: 3 December (USA) / TBA (UK)

West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s long-delayed adaptation of the classic musical set in 1950s New York. 
Release date: 10 December (USA) / 10 December (UK)

The Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves dons the Neo costume once more for the fourth instalment of the sci-fi series.
Release date: 22 December (USA) / 22 December (UK)

Which leaves us with…

The French Dispatch

This is, of course, Wes Anderson’s love letter to journalists, starring Timothée Chalamet, Frances McDormand, Saoirse Ronan and Tilda Swinton. Originally slated to premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May 2020, it’s since been indefinitely pushed back, with no firm release date for 2021 as of yet. But as IndieWire reported, Wes Anderson’s movies tend to bow at a European festival before being released widely a few weeks later. (The Grand Budapest Hotel racked up nine Oscar nominations having premiered at the Berlinale in February 2014, before hitting cinemas globally in March.)

Based on Disney’s current slate, and the film’s ties to France, it seems likely that The French Dispatch could premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2021, which kicks off in the second week of July, before being released in cinemas a month or so later. This is purely a hypothesis, but considering Disney’s slate for early August looks pretty free, maybe that’s the closest we’ll get to a possible release date for now. That being said, don’t @ us if we’re incorrect.
Release date: TBA (USA) / TBA (UK)

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