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      news Isabelle Hellyer 15 May, 2017

      the generous queen: nicki minaj announces student loan charity

      Nicki is going from spontaneous Twitter donations to an official student loan charity.

      Image via Instagram

      Nicki Minaj made some very special fans' lives a lot easier last week. What initially began as a meet-and-greet contest quickly turned into a night of digital philanthropy. Nicki ended up paying off thousands of dollars in school fees and student loans — as long as her fans could prove they were getting solid grades. Her donations probably made a world of difference in people's lives, and they clearly made Nicki feel damn good too. "I'll do some more in a month or 2," she promised at the end of the night. 

      It looks like that's not all she'll be doing "in a month or two". Over the weekend, the rapper took to Instagram to announce a more official effort. "I'll do another impromptu payment spree in a month or 2, but pls know that I'm launching my official charity for Student Loans/Tuition Payments VERY SOON!" Nicki wrote, adding, "You'll be able to officially sign up! I'll keep you posted!" There are no other details yet, but there's no doubt the rapper is a woman of her word. After all, when Nicki rapped she was the generous queen, she really meant it.


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      Image via Instagram

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