ajhana renae deramous, alees yvon, jane three & raisa thomas

Inspired by urban culture and Brooklyn’s alternative music scene, Afropunk Festival returned to Commodore Barry Park this August for its 10th year in a row. We scoured the event to bring you Afropunk's coolest guys and gals- straight up!

Nov 18 2014, 4:00am

Barbara Anastacio

Where are you from?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: Oakland, Ca.
Jane Three: Philadelphia.
Alees Yvon: San Francisco CA.
Raisa Thomas: Mount Vernon, New York. 

What do you do?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: Part time lover. Full time Queen.
Jane Three: Aspiring fashion designer.
Alees Yvon: Model, DJ and Conceptual Artist.
Raisa Thomas: Currently I am a freelance makeup artist. 

What are you wearing from head to toe?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: Plum boater hat, Vintage shades, High-split sunflower dress, Converse.
Jane Three: Agana LTD.
Alees Yvon: Married To The Mob crop top, Carhart overalls and classic adidas shell toe trainers.
Raisa Thomas: I am wearing a custom headpiece from my friends jewelry collection called n,n.A random sports bra with American Apparel shorts Dr Martens and fishnets.

Who are you here to see?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: Everyone. 
Jane Three: The creatives in New York.
Alees Yvon: SZA, The Internet and Princess Nokia
Raisa Thomas: SZA.

What's your summer jam?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: "Only that Real" by Iamsu ft. 2Chainz & Sage the Gemini.
Jane Three: No flex zone.
Alees Yvon: Anything by Fatima Al Quadiri.
Raisa Thomas: Honestly, I love Hot Ni*** by Bobby Sumerda. I know all the words.

What's the best thing about Afropunk Festival?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: The culture and style.
Jane Three: The opportunity to network with the creative scene in Brooklyn.
Alees Yvon: I love seeing beautiful ass people all in one place.
Raisa Thomas: You get to meet new interesting people that aren't from New York which is really cool. 

What's your top tip for first time Afropunk-goers?
Ajhana Renae DeRamous: Stay movin, hydrated and camara ready!
Jane Three: Take advantage of the platform made to express your personal style and individuality
Alees Yvon:  Stay hydrated and float.
Raisa Thomas: Bring lots of water and be prepared to have your picture taken constantly.


Photography Barbara Anastacio