the soundtrack to your weekend ft. jay-z, goat girl and prettymuch

Already overdone Lana and Tyler’s new records? Want more new music?

by Frankie Dunn
Jul 21 2017, 11:15pm

PRETTYMUCH, Would You Mind
If these underage boys pulled you closer, would you mind? Does the fact that they've been hand-reared in LA by Simon Cowell to be the world's greatest boyband change things? With all the qualities needed to send them in the same direction as 1D, plus dance routines, acapella harmonies, a touch of 90s R&B magic and American accents, their fate is looking sealed. This might be their debut single, but the boys already have huge online followings of the teen girl variety. Are we into it? PRETTYMUCH.

Bonzai, I Feel Alright
Oh, I wonder who produced this… just kidding. Once the chorus kicks in it's pretty damn obvious that it's the work of Mura Masa with a sprinkling of PC Music's Danny L Harle. Turns out Dublin's Bonzai is a longtime songwriting partner of the former, who released her first two EPs on his Anchor Point label. This clanky bubblegum poppy trap tune is making one YouTuber "want to ride a funky horse into the sunset." Same, tbh.

Anna of the North, Someone
Somebody needs to link this girl up with Jacquemus, because not only would she be right up his street muse wise, but the start of her new music video is giving us major Jaquemus campaign vibes. We're thoroughly into the key change at 2 minutes 44 and would happily be your someone, Anna.

Goat Girl, Crow Cries
Not entirely sure those are both crows in the picture, but we're forgiving GG because they're great. It's a lovely dark number with some nice heys and a very pagan opening that wouldn't be out of place during a particularly woody Game of Thrones scene, if the sync team were in a fun mood that is.

Jay-Z, BAM feat. Damien Marley
"We're all whistles," says Jay hyphen Z in this music video/Marley doc hybrid. "The wind goes through us and we make noise." The modest artist is talking here about how musicians are prophets, obviously. It's might have been available on Tidal for a while now but just appeared on YouTube last night, and who even has Tidal anyway?

Sydney Wyatt, Lavish ft. Peter Xan, Groovy Mel & OsaroBlue
Well, these guys aren't giving anything away. According to the Internet, Sydney Wyatt is a collective started by York rapper and artist Peter Xan. Teaming up with Groovy Mel and OsaroBlue on this impressive trap tune and equally as impressive video, there's nothing York about them and they seem determined to not stop until their mommas are living lavish, which is a lovely sentiment.

Obonjayar, Endless
"The world is not ready for Obongjayar" proclaimed our brothers and sisters over at Noisey yesterday. New song Endless is a celebration of life in death; the idea that we live on through our work and effects we've had on people/the environment. Do something good today, basically. But watch this video first.

Pan Daijing, Lack (PAN 79)
We've got a whole LP for you here from Berlin-based master of the dark arts Pan Daijing. Listening through, you'll likely feel everything you might feel watching an entire horror movie. There are tracks that'll more or less attack you, putting you on edge but totally captivated. Others, suspiciously calm, clearly can't be trusted. As she told Thump the other day, she views her debut album as a mind game.

The Harpoons, Do You Want My Love?

A name like The Harpoons makes you expect an indie band, right? What a nice surprise then, to discover that this Aussie group actually make delightfully warm disco-infused house. Taken from their forthcoming album Amaro and featuring a full choir on backing vocals, it comes accompanied by a cute illustration of somebody sitting at home alone swiping right over and over again (probably).

Linkin Park, In the End
This isn't new, this is a tribute. A tribute to Chester Bennington, frontman of Linkin Park, the rap-metal band that we screamed to and cried to and lived our best teen years to. The man who voiced our collective feelings of hopelessness, merged rap with nu-metal, and taught us that it was okay to be emotional beings. "I am heartbroken. You do not know what someone's going through, serious," said recent collaborator Stormzy on Twitter last night. Remember, look out for each other. It's good to talk.


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