watch frank ocean’s new trailer, featuring a new track with jay z and tyler, the creator

A snippet of brand new song 'Biking' can be heard in the trailer for the third edition of Frank Ocean’s Beats 1 show, 'blondedRADIO.'

by Charlotte Gush
Apr 10 2017, 1:03pm

Frank Ocean premiered his new track "Biking," featuring Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator, during the third installment of his Beats 1 show, blondedRADIO. The track was played at the end of "blonded 003," which began at 2:15am EST on Saturday, and will be repeated at 2:15 am EST on Sunday.

Prior to the radio play, Frank released a short film trailer for the show, above. It includes a snippet of "Biking," in which Tyler's verse can be heard. Check out the lyrics to that verse, posted by Tyler on his Twitter, below.

Ocean previously premiered the track "Chanel" on "blonded 002," playing it on loop throughout the whole second half of the show.


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