ryan mcginley shoots youth in love for calvin klein’s gender-free fragrance

Young lovers ride topless on motorbikes, flash at traffic, kiss in the light of a bonfire and dive under the sea for CK2.

by Charlotte Gush
Nov 26 2015, 3:59pm

Calvin Klein has launched a new gender-free fragrance, CK2, with a playful film and campaign focusing on young lovers and friends by Ryan McGinley. The fragrance follows Calvin Klein's game-changing launch of CK One in 1994, which wasn't the first unisex scent ever created, but it was the first to make the concept sexy.

Continuing the sexy approach, McGinley takes CK2 out of the steamy studio setting of CK One campaigns and into the real world, to the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico.

A diverse line-up of emerging talent were cast for the campaign: twins Baylee Soles and Kelsey Soles, Luka Sabbat, Erin Eliopulos, Sung Jin Park, Victoria Brito, Dakota Garrett and Kyle Mobus.

The fragrance was created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb. It opens with an unexpected hit of wasabi, deepened by floral notes and the essence of wet cobblestones. It is described as balancing "electric freshness with magnetic warmth".

CK2 fans are invited to join in with the launch, showing how they "get together," using the hashtag #the2ofus.

Calvin Klein
Ryan McGinley