pistil! pistol! girls only team up with kelsey bennett and kirsty buchanan in new exhibition

Inspired by the Rorschach Test, the new exhibition from all girl art collective takes on sex, symmetry and the subconscious.

by Tish Weinstock
Jan 29 2015, 12:15pm

Inspired by the work of Hermann Rorschach, whose famous Rorschach Test was used by psychoanalysts to determine the landscape of the human psyche, all-girl art collective Girls Only are teaming up with New York-based photographer Kelsey Bennett and his London-based collaborator, Kirsty Buchanan, to host a three day exhibition at boutique Celestine Eleven. Think sex, symmetry, and the subconscious. Added to this, sinuous drawings of the female figure, by Girls Only artist Alba Hodsoll, and a video projection of a girl licking a baby made from sugar, and there you have it. Oh, and look out for hot new zine My Titties are Sisters Not Twins, curated by Girls Only founder Antonia Marsh and Kelsey Bennett.

Pistil! Pistol! will be showing from Friday 30th January - Sunday 1st Feb at Celestine Eleven

Kelsey Bennett
Antonia Marsh
Girls Only
kisrty buchanan
my titties are sisters not twins
pistil! pistol