​matthew miller casts british army cadets for new campaign

The designer casts soldiers for his spring/summer 15 collection to represent diversity and question what it is to be British.

by Stuart Brumfitt
Feb 3 2015, 5:10pm

Matthew Miller's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, "Introversion", explores the life of post-conflict soldiers as they return home from war and reacclimatise to life in a peaceful society. The five thought-provoking portraits featuring young models cast from The British Army's Cadets and aim to show the diversity of soldiers and challenge the racist specifications suggested by organisations such as UKIP. "Youths from ethnic minorities are under attack, and are seen by some as an enemy of the state," Miller says. "This series sets out to challenge the white washed notion of what it means to be Young and British." The collection is being released to coincide with the collection dropping on his recently launched webshop.



Photography - Jonathan Baron
Styling - Matthew Holroyd
Casting - Theo Spencer
Hair - Takuya Uchiyama
Make up - Ksenia Galina

Matthew Miller
spring/summer 15