tom emmerson's year in photos

The most exciting photographers of 2016 share glimpses of their year in images.

by i-D Staff
Dec 30 2016, 2:50pm

From my trip to Paris in January.

Behind the scenes at the Gosha fall/winter 16 show. This model had an incredibly original look.

A candid photo of my friend smoking outside Somerset House. It became one of my favorite photos — I love his ring.

Luke (pictured) and I did a test shoot a few hours before he flew back to New York. It was the first shoot I enjoyed of the year as the weather and lighting was great — a change from the previous winter weather.

From a test shoot with Felix. We found this rustic doorstep in a mews. I've always really liked the red throughout the picture.

I took this photo of my friend Max the first time we met. 

I was with my friend Dom (pictured) and as we were chatting the clouds cleared, giving a golden winter light that only lasted five minutes. I quickly shot this photo. It was a fun evening.

From my trip to Nice in summer.

I spent the best part of my summer skating all day with Daniel (pictured).

When I went back to Paris in summer with Daniel, we met a group of skaters from Wolverhampton with whom we spent the rest of the holiday. Brute (one of the skaters) is pictured doing a boneless over a fountain.

From a London-themed test shoot I did with a boy called Alex towards the end of summer.

Outtake from an editorial I shot. The photo shows my friends walking through Dalston, where I spent a lot of my summer skating.


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