​can kendall jenner’s social media following make young people vote?

She can sell a product with one Instagram post, but can she make young people rock the vote?

by i-D Staff
Sep 23 2015, 2:50pm

Rock the Vote -- the non-profit, non-partisan organization driving the youth vote -- and Independent Journal have teamed up to get America's youth interested in politics. Their secret weapon? Kendall Jenner.

In the collaborative video, the second youngest of the Kardashian Klan begins by saying, "Every day we vote. We are able to express our opinions online with likes and hashtags. But when it comes to the right to vote, it hasn't always been that easy, especially for women," before going on to break down the history of suffrage. The video was made in the run up to National Voter Registration Day to encourage Kendall's arguably much younger demographic audience to head to the polling stations.

With 37.2 million followers on Instagram she's got a far bigger reach than Barrack Obama (4.6 million), Hilary Clinton (303,000) and Donald Trump (426,000). While her vote may lie with her brother-in-law Kanye West (haven't you heard? He's running for president too), can she make a difference to the rest of the United States youth? She ends the video by saying, "Because of suffragettes and their battle, gender doesn't matter. But your vote always can."

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