organizations you can donate to, and ways to help if you can’t afford it

Every vote counted and everything we do now can too.

by Hannah Ongley
Nov 9 2016, 11:45pm


One of the few silver linings of last night's consequential election result is the sense of compassion and unity that followed Donald Trump's ascent to the most powerful position in the world. People are fearful not just for their own wellbeing but those of minorities, women, LGBTQ people, and even the misguided working class who voted for Trump under the warped belief that he has any interest in changing the state of their finances. Here are a few organizations that you can donate to and help ensure they keep fighting for the rights of these already vulnerable groups, plus ways you can support them if donating is not financially feasible. Every vote counted and everything we do now can too.

For Women
Following the election of Donald Trump, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood released a statement vowing that the crucial organization would keep its doors open. Help them do this by making a donation here or check out this page for ways you can volunteer, whether it's admin work or advocacy. Other groups doing vital work for women's rights include the pro-choice NARAL, who have outlined a range of ways you can take action including online initiatives and volunteer work, and feminist group AWID, which is currently advertising for fundraiser volunteers and social media workers. The fight for women's rights doesn't end at abortion either. Help sustain the gender equality progress we have made by volunteering with the National Organization for Women and the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

For Minorities
One of the many poisonous backbones of Donald Trump's campaign has been the assault on Mexicans and American Muslims. The American Leaders Against Hate and Anti-Muslim Bigotry Campaign is a joint initiative between Local Progress and the YEO Network Action coming up with policy solutions, such as circulating anti-bullying and pro-diversity information into schools. See a list of ways you can get involved here — it can be as simple as signing this letter and pledging to stand up against anti-Muslim bigotry. Bilingual? You can also volunteer to serve as an immigrant child advocate and spend time with kids while they're subject to proceedings. The Black Lives Matter movement has only increased in importance following an election that thrived upon white supremacy. Find a local BLM chapter and help end police violence. You can also donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center here and educate yourself on fighting hate through one of their online guides, including one which sets out 10 principles for combatting bigotry within a community. Click here to find out about upcoming events and trainings from the National Immigration Law Center.

For LGBTQ Groups
Despite bizarre campaign initiatives such as displaying a (fittingly, upside-down) rainbow flag reading "LGBTs for Trump," it's no secret that the Republican nominee's presidency will be disastrous for the gay rights progress made so far. Of particular concern is Trump's close ties with anti-LGBTQ advisors, his Vice Presidential pick Mike Pence, his promise to appoint far-right judges, and his open support of the First Amendment Defense Act. GLAAD needs donations to continue taking a stand against discrimination and prejudice, but that's not all you can do. Consider office work or outreach for the Sylvia Rivera Law Project or become a Trans Lifeline operator. The Ali Forney Center to protect LGBTQ youth from homelessness is also in constant need of contributions.

For the Environment
Donald Trump has called climate change a Chinese hoax. He wants to scrap the Clean Power Plan and the EPA, repeal all federal spending on clean energy, and pull out of the Paris climate deal. Become familiar with and sign up for action alerts from organizations like Earth Justice, NextGen Climate, and Earth Day. Help educate others on the benefits of a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy and join the fight to get it. The entire world is relying on us. 


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