remi’s new video ‘substance therapy’ warns against partying until you feel better

On his latest track the Melbourne musician explores his relationship with drugs, depression and what happens when you mix the two.

by i-D Staff
Jul 5 2016, 8:20am

In his latest track Substance Therapy, Melbourne musician Remi has joined up with collaborator Sensible J to offer a stark and deeply personal account of drug use, mental health and the uneasy relationship between the two. Describing depression as "a demon in a scream mask, brandishing a hunting knife," he explains, "When I take drugs, or drink it's the equivalent of giving that motherfucker the coordinates to my house. It just makes everything so much worse. This is basically the sound of coming down."

In the simple, oddly intimate clip Remi raps to camera and offers reflections on bipolar, his weed use and lying to the people around him when he insists he's fine. It's a rare example of a banger that manages to eloquently speak to the all too familiar tendency of trying to party till you feel better. After all, who can't relate to the line: "Got too much pride to cry for assistance so I party all the time."

Substance Therapy is off their upcoming album Divas and Demons that will be out September through House of Beige. 

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