20 ways to be hot and healthy with Storm Models...

Storm Model Management give us the best advice on how to stay sane, fun and healthy during LFW. Cara, Sarah Doukas, Grace Bol, Rosie Tapner, Jamie Horridge and more show how lots of LOLS, rubbing people's feet and TEAMWORK really is the fashion week...

by Bojana Kozarevic
Feb 14 2014, 7:35pm

"Try and keep your head up and stay happy and don't draw too much attention to yourself. Try and mix as much as possible with other models. Don't eat too much junk food and stock up on vitamins and B12 and go to Wholefoods. Rub other people's feet and backs and maybe they'll rub yours too. Most importantly always keep an emergency poncho in your back pocket for the weather, and an umbrella hat. Both are very stylish." Cara Delevingne

"We always have a full complement of agents and we start preparing for each show months before each season. I like to run like a well-oiled machine and this wouldn't be possible without my great team. I tell everyone to look after their health and I make sure they all take vitamins to avoid getting run down.  It's the most stressful period in fashion, but they all pull together. Even if one of them is unwell, they still come in and work as they don't want to let anyone down." Sarah Doukas, MD Storm Model Management

"The best way to stay healthy is to drink a lot of water and not skip meals. I know it could get really hard with the busy schedules and castings but there is always pret a manger- my favourite place to get food quickly . You always have to be yourself and not try to be somebody else. You just have to have confidence and believe in yourself. You should always google the people(if you don't know them) who you're going to meet to avoid embarrassing situations." Alexandra Elizabeth Ljador, Model 

"I always take healthy snacks around with me, for example bananas, apples and some cereal bars...and a few chocolate ones too! To stay happy, just take everyday as it comes, and try to get as MUCH sleep as possible, otherwise you may find yourself sleep walking down the catwalk!! (Never a good moment!)" Rosie Tapner, Model

"Have a full English breakfast with a cup of earl grey (milk first) every morning!" Caroline Schurch, Model

"'To stay healthy, have water and sing to it, pray to it, watch Eastenders with it'. According to a Japanese scientist it really changes the molecule shape - check it out!" REMEMBER...Sane and fun cannot- co exist according to my theory of insanity." Alewya Demmisse, Model 

"When you're doing 18 hour days for five days straight there are 3 key things to keep you going. Lots of LOLS, plenty of post-its, and non-stop Beyonce. As agents, looking after New Faces is such a big responsibility. For a lot of the girls it's their first show season. The girls need lots of love, nurturing and chaperoning, and they can't be at castings too late at night. We're also in touch with parents around the clock. Our phones are ringing at all hours through the night - it drives our boyfriends crazy!!" Nathan Toth and Chelsea Price, Storm New Faces Agents

"I have to go to all my favourite shows in London, Paris and NY as part of my research for my blog. I also have events and DJ sets to plan for and need the best music. It gets really busy and can be stressful but I try to take it in my stride and not take it too seriously.  Fashion is meant to be fun, wearing the denim, the cashmere and egyptian cotton." Bip Ling, DJ and blogger

"We all get through fashion week with team work, we support each other or it wouldn't work. There are moments when I could cry, there is so much organisation and negotiation to manage, and we are in the office until 2am most nights.   The worst faux pas is to get too emotional when you're sleep deprived, you have to stay healthy and focused, and take an hour out for yourself." Noelle Doukas, Storm Women Agent  

"Eat well, drink well and keep breathing, remember it's only fashion - we're not saving lives. It's important to keep a healthy perspective and a level head when everyone is tired and stressed.  One of the worst mistakes is to promise and then not deliver, so never ever double first." Jamie Horridge, Storm Women Agent 

"There are many effective ways for models to stay healthy, sane, and fun during LFW.
#1 Rest well - Sleep is important and not getting enough of it can alter your mood and concentration.
#2 Eat healthy - Fashion week can be busy and finding time to eat healthy is difficult. Grabbing a cheeseburger and fries from a restaurant nearby after a long day sounds better than having to head home to cook. Preparing your meals in advance and taking them with you can solve that problem easily.
#3 Exercise - In order to maintain good health and keep fit. Exercise for at least 1 hour, 3 to 4 times a week. Yoga is a great way for staying sane it calms the body and mind. Going out dancing with friends is a fun way to celebrate fashion week. One faux pas models should not commit during fashion week is falling on the runway. If you do fall just sit there for 5 second, pose, smile and proceed with the show as if nothing ever occurred!" Grace Bol


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