agi & sam explore the past, present, and future of contemporary men for spring/summer 17

As society subverts traditional rules and gender roles, the duo take us on a tailoring trip through what it means to be a modern man and woman.

by Steve Salter
Jun 11 2016, 2:25pm

"It started by looking at my dad, he was a farmer back home in Warwickshire," Sam Cotton explains backstage. "He weirdly got bitten by a cow and nearly died after suffering from tetanus. My mom went back to work in the city and he became the house-husband, so we started looking at how roles are defined within the home. Why did men have to be the breadwinner? We are playing with this juxtaposition throughout the collection." From acidic floral weaves and table cloth gingham denoting interiors to distorted checks hinting at a hard day's work, the result is modern sartorialism for all.


Photography Piczo

agi & sam
spring/summer 17
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