​justin bieber talks modest roots, favorite rappers and the wisdom of kanye

“I just want to have a good time and show people that I’m normal.”

by Charlotte Gush
Sep 21 2015, 9:39pm

It's difficult to remember a time when Justin Bieber was just another talented kid on YouTube, belting bubble gum pop in a video uploaded by his proud mom. But in a new interview, Justin has spoken to French site Clique about his modest upbringing. Although they weren't "dirt poor," the international pop megastar said he did sometimes have to share a meal with his mom, adding that "mom would always make me order water at restaurants, I could never get a soft drink… those are little things that really matter when you're a kid."

On the backs of the Beliebers, Justin has come a long way. Now he hangs out with boxer Floyd Mayweather -- who advises him on him money matters -- and Kanye, whose wisdom Bieber attentively soaks up. "Kanye's a talker. You get him in a room and he starts talking and ranting. I just sit and I listen, because he's been through a lot of stuff. He's not just talking to talk, he's got something to say that he's feeling from his heart. I just sit and listen because he's a really smart guy," Bieber said.

As for a Kanye-Justin collab, the singer revealed that they did find time in the studio, but the fruits of their labor might not be revealed: "We did some stuff for the album, we did this one song -- I don't know if it's going to make the album, but it was really cool, really New York vibe," Bieber said.

Speaking about Kanye's run for the US presidency in 2020, Bieber was asked what his own first act as POTUS would be. "I'd probably just fix some of the gun laws," the Canadian star said, "'cause in Canada we don't really have any guns and there's no gun violence, so that really solves it." Sounds like Justin's a pretty smart guy himself.

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