shelter point: music to… disappear completely to

Ease your mind and set yourself free.

by i-D Team
Feb 10 2015, 1:35pm

Coventry-born, Nottingham-based Robin Hearn and Liam Arnold are Shelter Point. The pair make beautiful music that is both subtle and intricate yet wholesome and rich, giving you that inescapably warm close-your-eyes feeling with Robin's dense soundscape providing the perfect platform for Liam's haunting vocals. Having already premiered Fossil from their forthcoming Weird Dreamers EP, i-D decided to delve deep into their musical minds with a mix. "The inspirations behind this selection are sounds and noises we feel play a part in allowing your psyche to dissolve and let you be consumed," the band explain. Ease your mind and set yourself free as you disappear completely.

Every life event needs a soundtrack, and this is Shelter Point's…

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night...La Priest, Oino

Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes...Wigfield, Saturday Night

Music to kiss and make up to...Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On

Music to heal a broken heart...Jeff Buckley, Forget Her

Music to get high to...Shlomo, Rained The Whole Time

Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent...Todd Terje, Inspector Norse

Music to take a long drive to...Bonobo, First Fires

Music to walk down the aisle to...NWA, Straight Outta Compton

Music you'd like played at your funeral...Cinematic Orchestra, To Build A Home

Music to have sex to...Deftones, Sex Tape

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