amy schumer says her surprise inclusion in plus-size issue is 'not cool'

The comedian speaks out after being mistakenly featured in a plus-size-only editorial.

by Blair Cannon
Apr 5 2016, 6:31pm

Earlier today, Amy Schumer Instagrammed her feature in Glamour magazine's first ever plus-size-only issue. However, the editorial, written by Schumer's sister Kim, was apparently placed in this particular issue without her knowledge. The headline, "Women Who Inspire Us," included the comedian's name among fellow curvy celebrities Adele, Melissa McCarthy, and Ashley Graham, who are all famously known as plus-size.

Schumer attests that she was mistakenly labelled as plus-size by being included in the issue. Schumer writes, "I think there's nothing wrong with being plus size. Beautiful, healthy women." But she notes that America considers plus-size to be size 16 and up, and as a size six-to-eight, she simply does not fit the bill. The actress ends on a concerned note, saying, "Young girls seeing my body type and thinking that is plus size? What are your thoughts? Mine are not cool glamour not glamorous."

After American Eagle's body-positive #AerieMan campaign was revealed to be a parody for April Fool's Day, it is decidedly not a great week for plus-size fashion. And now this mix-up brings to light how we should even label "plus-size" in the fashion industry. First of all, Schumer is clearly not plus-size by the term's definition, so considering her as such is simply incorrect. And she is right: it's not a good idea for girls to think of her size six-to-eight body as anything but completely normal.

Furthermore, while Glamour is taking strides in the right direction in creating a plus-size-only issue, some argue that keeping plus-size in its own realm is more segregation than genuine diversity. We should not overlook the fact that plus-size fashion and modeling is being legitimized and given visibility here, but it calls to mind arguments like the campaign to #DropThePlus. While the label "plus-size" can be empowering, an ideal fashion world would forgo labels in general in order to promote inclusion.

A fully integrated fashion editorial of plus sizes, traditional figures, and in-between sizes would be the norm in a perfect world. In much the same way that racial diversity in fashion should be assumed and subtly included until it is expected, different sizes would ideally exist in the same editorial space label-free. For now, we applaud Glamour for taking this step and Amy Schumer for speaking out. 


Text by Blair Cannon
Image via Instagram

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