exclusive: peep at palace spring 16

Before the collection lands in Palace’s Brewer Street store, Lev Tanju talks us through the new season's garms as Angelo Pennetta selects his favorite look book shots.

by i-D Staff and Steve Salter
Feb 26 2016, 3:25pm

Ever since we saw the tweet "PALACE VISIONS, SS16 COMETH, SAVETH PEA," our hungry eyes have been locked onto Palace stream waiting to feast. Over the last few days, we've since spotted Lev's homie Nugget (Gabriel Pluckrose) knocking about in the blue and white striped sweater, and Palace tweeted a tease of buttoned-up shirt adorned with Skate team member Rory Milanes' cheeky grin. But everything else has been under wraps, until now.

We're not the only ones eager to dine at the table of Britain's kings of skatewear. Ahead of the first product drop on March 5, lines will snake around Soho. The moment it drops online (get ready to hit refresh on March 10), the site's traffic capacity will be tested. We're hungry for Palace and from sweatshirts emblazoned with "Pally Pal" and "Buy Me Palace" (not forgetting the aforementioned "Saveth Pea Blad" tweets) Lev and his team have encouraged fan fare for spring 16.

"We go out and look at things that we want to wear," Lev said succinctly in an interview with i-D last summer. The "we" is important to Palace. It's more like a collective of friends than a fashion house. As ideas bouncing between Lev and Nugget, the majority of visuals form from the daydream doodles of Fergus Purcell and Ben Drury. The good shit flows. So what is Lev excited about this season? "My favorite are the tracksuits and then this grey jacket with the zips on the front. Then these pink socks with stoned bulldogs on them," he adds with a laugh. As Blondey models the mystical Palace Visions T-shirt, we press Lev on what his Spiritual Energist and Advisor sees in Palace's future, his future, and our future? "Many pints," he replies. We'll drink to that! In the meantime, get drunk on Angelo's shot selection below. If that leaves you wanting more, drink in the full look book here.

The spring collection launches exclusively at the Palace shop on Brewer Street at 11am on Saturday, March 5. The first drop at palaceskateboards.com is scheduled for March 10.


Text Steve Salter
Photography Angelo Pennetta

Lev Tanju
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Blondey McCoy