kendrick lamar confirms he has scores of unreleased tracks

He also revealed the alternative title for "DAMN."

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Jun 29 2017, 9:52pm

Kendrick Lamar pushes out verses like a conveyor belt. In only five years the Compton rapper has released three critically acclaimed albums. And despite his last album, DAMN., hitting our eardrums only two months ago, there are many Kendrick fans out there who believe he has another album hidden up his flannel sleeve. During a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Kendrick neither confirmed nor denied that he has a new record in store for us — but he did say he has a lot of unreleased songs.

"I had a selection of songs that I liked," Kendrick revealed in the interview. "I wouldn't call it an album. It definitely made sense for DAMN."

So if the songs made sense for DAMN. and Kendrick likes them… does that mean there's a possibility of a DAMN. 2? Perhaps the title could be Still Don't Give a DAMN.

On the subject of titles, Kendrick was close to going with a different name for DAMN. The mega-album was almost called What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth. Kendrick moved away from that title, however, simply because it was too long.

Kendrick also took the time to rank his albums. Unsurprisingly, DAMN. was at the top of his list. The decision matched his mom's opinion. Kendrick allowed Big Boy to read the effusive emoji-filled text Mama Lamar had sent right after hearing the album. "This is your best one to me, no bullshit," she wrote.

Watch Kendrick's wide-ranging 50-minute interview below. 


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