gucci's new instagram account is full of renaissance babes

@guccibeauty is the @glossier of art history.

Sep 18 2018, 4:46pm

Image via Instagram

Beauty is often found in minute details like pearl-studded veils, translucent butterfly ribbons, and lavish gemmed brooches. All of these things have inspired Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, who recently launched the @guccibeauty Instagram account as a new artistic initiative. It’s aim is to bring us closer to his vision of beauty.

The feed spans time, space, and culture, featuring artwork throughout history from as early as 130 A.D., and famous portraits of all kinds. It acts as a virtual moodboard, while Michele takes us on an inspiring art history tour from the Uffizi in Florence to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Reims. Each post is accompanied by a description of the work, written by a group of art writers and critics, including Tatiana Berg, Britt Julious, Larissa Pham, and Antwaun Sargent, edited by Kyle Chayka.

Untitled (Eva) by Simone Kennedy Doig

According to Gucci’s website, “Beauty represents an ideal of each place and era, a style that the artist felt was worth preserving. Sometimes it meant high hairlines and high collars, like Elizabethan England, but it can also be native woman’s simple blouse from a 1876 portrait by painter Felipe Santiago Gutierrez, one of the first international Mexican artists.”

The growing collection of images reminds us that not only does beauty evolve, but it truly is undefined.

Woman Shaving her Nape by Toyohara (Yōshū) Chikanobu