what's delicious and nutritious? jeremy scott at moschino!

It's tutti fruity, soft and chewy! Last night Jeremy Scott presented a veritable feast of the fanciest fast food on the menu. We've been starved for so long, so grab a happy meal, eat up all the lucky charms and drink in the Moschino, it's packed with...

by James Anderson
Feb 22 2014, 3:45pm

Jeremy Scott and Devon Aoki by David Mushegain

One of the most pleasing pieces of fashion news to emerge in late 2013 was the announcement that American designer Jeremy Scott would be taking over the reigns at Moschino as its new Creative Director. Jeremy and Moschino is a match made in fashion heaven! To celebrate, we flew to California to hang out with our favourite LA designer and his beautiful friends. Congratulations Jeremy, we <3 you! 

An official statement from the Italian brand's Milan HQ enthused about Jeremy as an eclectic and contemporary communicator who is capable of "reinterpreting the identity and the essence of Moschino." Indeed he is. Kansas-born Scott's own approach and design aesthetic echoes and amplifies certain traits of the Moschino DNA as pioneered by the late Franco Moschino, who died in 1994. His eponymous LA- based label, like Moschino at its best, has long-embraced tongue-in- cheek humour and a scattering of timely slogans, proposing fashion as a language that is modern, youthful, witty, international and easy to absorb. Both designers have shown how to simultaneously send up, celebrate and filter the more gaudy and giddy aspects of pop culture into a fashion vocabulary that screams fun.

Scott's new role will, most likely, ensure Moschino re-engages with a younger clientele. After all, his work has significant excitable appeal to LOL-loving lads and lasses little troubled by wrinkles and ever keen to steal the fashion limelight. Not for nothing does his high profile client list include the far from shy and retiring likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, to name a famous few. His ongoing collaborations with adidas have only further sealed his worldwide fan base, effortlessly straddling high fashion and streetwear.

The appointment at Moschino is clearly paying off already. Having recently posted images from his debut Moschino collection (for pre- fall 14) on Instagram - a typically finger-on-the-pulse approach - Scott is achieving much positive feedback from industry insiders and punters alike. Gaining particular attention are the handbags fashioned in the shape of jackets, which are not hard to envisage as best sellers of the future. Finally, there is a delicious irony to all of this. While studying fashion at the Pratt Institute in New York many years ago, Scott undertook a temporary internship at Moschino's US press office. It is unlikely that young Jeremy - as he busied himself with the daily toils of this very junior role - could have foreseen one day much further down the line he would be at the company's helm.

i-D snatched him away from an increasingly hectic LA-to-Milan-and-back-again schedule to find out more about his latest adventure.

What impact did Franco Moschino's work have on you when you were growing up and dreaming of being a designer?
I always loved his humour and the way that his designs put a smile on my face! The Moschino ad with the model drinking from the perfume bottle with a straw is one of my all time favourites. As well as the ad with the model in the teddy bear dress being carried by body builders on a barge, like Cleopatra. That's another one that is etched into my memory.

How did the job offer come about?
My cell phone rang and it was them on the other end - simple as that! I knew from the phone call that I had the job, as there is no one else who could do what I do better. I was very happy, because it's always been one of my favourite brands - one that really resonates for me personally.

Why do you feel that Moschino wanted you, specifically?
The way it was expressed to me is that they felt I convey the same kind of message that Franco did, but in a way that is current for today's pop culture. We fit together like hand and glove.

What did you do to celebrate the good news?
I went to Disneyland!

How have some of your high profile friends reacted?
Miley [Cyrus] called me right when the announcement happened as she was so excited and wanted to congratulate me. Katy [Perry] wrote me about how happy she was as she thought it was a perfect match. And Nicki [Minaj] told me if I need a spokes-model for the ad campaign, she's ready for her close up! The support has been so overwhelming, I feel very blessed to have so much good will from everyone. And my Mom was very excited - she loves the brand.

Do you feel nervous about it?
Not at all.

What can you recall from your time interning at Moschino's press office in New York? Were you good as a junior PR?
I was helping the Head PR deal with stylists, photo shoots and things like that - the normal runnings of a PR office. I learned a lot, seeing the needs of the press and press office and how stylists work and what they respond to. As I have always been a hard worker - yes, I was very good!

You'll be spending a lot of time in Milan. What do you think of the city?
I'm looking forward to getting to know Milan, for now I've only spent time working at the office. I love my team though - they are Milan for me.

Have you had a good rummage through the Moschino archives?
The most exciting thing about Moschino is that there are such a large variety of styles that Franco touched upon, as well as how contemporary his view of fashion was and still remains in large part today.

Are you intending to keep your own label going and your collaborations with adidas?
Of course! Jeremy Scott and Jeremy Scott Adidas are going nowhere but to the T.O.P baby! I love doing my Adidas collections and have such a huge fan base that I could never break their hearts like that. And my own collection is my purest form of self-expression.

Is there anything you might have to sacrifice in order to deal with the huge workload of doing all three?
I love to create and I am very blessed to have a job that allows me to do something that gives me so much pleasure and at the same time brings joy to so many others. In life there are always trade-offs and if having less personal time is one, then I'm sure that there are much worse sacrifices others have made with less personal fulfillment in return.

Obviously you can't disclose too much about the upcoming Moschino collections you're now working on, but is there anything that you could tease us with?
It's gonna be delicious and nutritious!


See all the looks from the Moschino autumn/winter 14 show here.


Text James Anderson
Photography David Mushegain
Hair Alfredo Llamas using Oribe Hair Care
Make-up Sharon Gault at Opus Beauty

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