beyoncé's 'lemonade' is now a college course

Using the visual album as a catalyst, the syllabus will explore the interplay of race and gender across American history.

Sep 29 2016, 1:36pm

Beyoncé's Lemonade was the cultural event that launched a thousand think pieces. The exploration of love, heartbreak, race, African spirituality, national history, and the roles of women brimmed with observations and questions about contemporary American life. In fact, it did such an epic job of electrifying conversation, that the University of Texas at San Antonio is offering a course on it. Titled "Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture" it focuses on the intersections between race and feminism, and was created by Professor Kinitra D. Brooks — who has a background in contemporary African American studies and black feminism.

Speaking to Mic, Professor Brooks explained that she created the course for herself, and it was inspired by Candice Benbow's Lemonade Syllabus which looked at work celebrating black womanhood. While Beyoncé and her role within modern feminism has been the subject of tertiary study before, by using Lemonade as a lens, this will be the first course that offers considerable thought to the racial culture and conflict reflected through the pop icon's work. Professor Brooks continues, "I was appreciative to Beyoncé because she got so many folks who wouldn't normally be interested in black feminism, in West African religious practices, involved in those topics." 


Text Wendy Syfret