premiere: elias, revolution

Press play on Revolution and prepare yourself for the uprising of Elias…

by i-D Team
Feb 11 2015, 3:45pm

"The city is on fire but it's beautiful." Burrowing deep into your brain on first listen, Elias's debut single, Revolution, is utterly arresting — a sublime piece of protest music that has echoes of a Spooky Black and FKA Twigs but also Anthony Hamilton and Sam Cooke. Elias' gorgeously profound vocal and intricately tender wordplay makes us excited to hear more. "Revolution is about the beauty of breaking up something you don't believe in and instead doing something the way that you want to," explains the Swedish 18 year old. "It's not an angry song, it's more about the excitement of being able to make a brand new start. I wanna capture many things in Revolution, but also the beauty in breaking the norm, the beauty in breaking something old and something you don't agree with. I think every one should do that more. It's a cliché but it's true."

Who is Elias?
I've been singing my entire life, and writing music for some years now. When I was 13 I started singing in Tensta Gospel choir. I was the youngest there and most of the people in it were much older and had been singing their whole life. It was really back then that I learned how to sing. 

Why is Elias?
I do music first of all because I need to. It's my way of expressing shit that runs through my mind. 

What is Elias?
I don't think you should talk too much about music; you should listen to it and let people decide on their own what it means to them. But my music, as I wanna describe it, is a combination between electronic/organic music with some soul in it and a lot of deep lyrics [laughs]. My inspiration comes from a lot of older punk bands as well as older soul artists like Otis Redding. I also really like and get inspired by people like FKA Twigs, Spooky Black, and Jeff Buckley. Also people who break the norm cause that's fucking beautiful. 

When is Elias?
I have some gigs, but it's not really clear when. I know I will be playing at Stay Out West this summer and I will realize some more music soon too.


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