​king krule drops 'a new place to drown' film, book and album

Archy Marshall teams up with brother Jack for a multidisciplinary love letter to South London, encompassing film, music, photography, illustration and spoken word.

by Charlotte Gush
Dec 10 2015, 3:06pm

Archy Marshall (aka King Krule) and brother Jack take us on a tour of their South London surroundings in a genre-spanning new project called A New Place To Drown. The project includes a includes a film, book and album.

Far from the gloomy sounding title, the film is kind of warm and fuzzy, albeit set in the gritty South London we know and love. Capturing the corner shops and bus stops of Southwark, Will Robson-Scott's film also transports us to the Marshall's family home, where their mom explains, "We were quite like a different kind of family anyway, and like I said: private. I did things that were a bit off the wall, I ran art clubs from here, but I kept the outside influences out and we just did our thing."

As this project shows, their "thing" is every corner of creativity: ranging from painting to music making and spoken word. It's a document of the brothers co-creative development, with their mom explaining that, "They grew up together with a very strong love and bond," and that their introvert/extrovert personalities make them two sides of the same coin. There's a series of awesome sweaters to lust over in the film, and the album is available now to buy and stream. The book arrives as a late-entry for coolest Christmas present 2015.

Check out the film above and head to for links to cop the album and book.