see what lurks beneath in 'underwater' with kristen stewart

Watch the trailer for the new action movie, also starring Vincent Cassel.

by Jack Sunnucks
Aug 19 2019, 7:58pm

Image via Youtube. 

The trailer for Underwater, Kristen Stewart’s new movie, sees our heroine in a lab 5,000 miles from land, seven miles underwater, and about a million miles away from the various wigs she was subjected to for Charlie’s Angels. “We drilled to the bottom of the ocean. And we don’t know what came out,” her nervous British coworker intones as, you guessed it, the mission goes horribly wrong and some kind of aquatic demon is unleashed upon the crew, all of whom seem resigned to their watery doom. The crew then has to make it across the sea floor to safety in the other end of the lab, with oxygen running low, and something stirring in the deep. We’ve already guessed who’s going to die horribly (T.J. Miller), who’ll die nobly (Vincent Cassell), and who’ll either survive or become empress of the lagoon (Stewart). “I haven’t made a movie of this scale maybe ever. It was not an easy movie to make — really long and just drippy and cold and f—ing hard,” Stewart told Entertainment Weekly, in case you imagined that making a film about being trapped at the bottom of a foreboding ocean trench would be all laughs.

Underwater will be in cinemas January 20.

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