lady gaga's makeup line is coming soon

Hair, body, FACE.

by Jack Sunnucks
Jan 3 2019, 9:42pm

image via Instagram

Good news, Little Monsters (or should that be Big Monsters — one presumes the Little Monsters have aged and are now in their mid 30s), for it seems that Lady Gaga’s makeup line is coming sooner rather than later. There’s now a website domain for Haus Beauty, as the company is named, and you can sign up to receive updates. Honestly, this could not have come at a better time, as frankly the festive season has taken its toll upon the fair visages of the nation, and all that’s going to make us look even vaguely okay is inch thick, GaGg-esque stage makeup and a really big wig.

Gaga herself is currently performing in Vegas, posting exhausting looking rehearsal pictures and posing with her new best friend, Celine Dion, the reigning Queen of the desert concert hall. It’s a return to form for Gaga, and she’s delivering vintage looks, i.e. mirrorball jumpsuits paired with winged eyeliner and blue locks. This is all in the devastatingly glam aftermath of the A Star Is Born premiere tour, which saw her take to the red carpet in archive McQueen, and new Givenchy Couture, with makeup by Marc Jacobs Beauty. We can only wait, claws up (never forget!) for the first images of her beauty line, and imagine what it might look at. Will it be peak “Just Dance” era Gaga, or performance artist Gaga, or will it be, one can hardly say it, Joanne? The mind boggles.

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