watch sky ferreira and julee cruise perform 'twin peaks' music together

Both women are set to appear in David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' reboot next year.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
Oct 10 2016, 4:32pm


Last night, while a deranged man stalked and bullied a woman on a big stage in Missouri, something a lot more beautiful was happening on a big stage in California. Sunday was the closing night of David Lynch's inaugural Festival of Disruption, which essentially involves a whole bunch of the legendary director's BFFs and longtime collaborators coming together for a series of delightfully weird events at Los Angeles's Ace Hotel. While the lineup as a whole was ridiculously epic — featuring music from Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Xiu Xiu, Questlove, Sky Ferreira, Angelo Badalamenti, St. Vincent, and Chrysta Bell plus talks from Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein — the closing night headliners were next-level. Badalamenti hosted a musical showcase aptly titled "The Music of Twin Peaks," during which Ferreira performed "Falling" with dream pop icon Julee Cruise. The song is from Cruise's debut album Floating into the Night and features multiple times on the cult show, including in Badalamenti's instrumental score. Ferreira and Cruise both have as-yet-unconfirmed roles in the highly anticipated Twin Peaks reboot next year. 


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