kendrick put a new video out while you were sleeping

New Kung-Fu Kenny! He's back with a violent visual for "ELEMENT."

by Frankie Dunn
Jun 28 2017, 3:05pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK. 

We've all grown to expect nothing but the best from Kendrick. So when it comes to the video for arguably the best track from the best album of the year, DAMN., we're due the best of the best, right? Right! 

Jonas Lindstroem and The Little Homies (Kendrick and Top Dawg Entertainment President Dave Free) have co-directed one big supercut of violence — from slow-mo shots of a body being thrown off a building, to children watching a house burn, and a lot of fist fights. Kendrick doesn't hold back either, pictured grabbing a pool cue at one point, and slapping a man when he's already down. As ever, there are religious undertones throughout, with nice symmetrical shots of nuns here and baptisms there. Another powerful pictorial effort from King K. Damn. 

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